Laboratory and Workshop

List of major equipments/Facilities in each Laboratory/workshop.

Mechanical Lab:- Hydraulic bench, UTM, Torrosion Testing, 2/4 stoke petrol/disel, Propeller shaft, Beven gear, CNC Trainer, lathe, Autocard, Window/split A/C, Refrigerator, cooler. Impact, Harner, Multy Cylinder governer, journal bearing aparatus, cam & Faller, Static balance aparatus

Electrical Lab:- DC shunt, DC Compound, Transfermer,DOL/Star delta Stater, Alternator,Parallel operation of alternator, Cicuit breaker, SCR/DIAC/TRIAC Test kit, Elect(I/I)LAB:-Notons theorm, thevins theorm, superposition theorm, RLC circuit, Filter Circuit KIT, Civl Lab:-Dumpy leve, Theodolite, Plane table survey,prizomatic compas,compress M/C, Impact M/c,CBRT, Ductility, HD , Soil testing M/C.

List of Experimental setup in each Laboratory/ workshop.